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"Provide Creative Solutions, Fully Responsive & Easy to Use"

Diagnosis Accuracy, Suggest Better Treatments and Doctors

Provide Creative Solutions, Fully Responsive & Easy to Use


According to the World Health Organization, misplaced, inadequate or delayed diagnosis are one of the leading causes of death. The health care execution has gaps that cause this to happen. Our guiding principle is that the better medical decisions come from a mix of the finest data and expertise. We intend to provide platforms, products and services to bring significant improvements addressing this.

Our platforms have video conferencing and document sharing features for remote consultations, making it simple and intuitive to connect patients, doctors, and care providers. Our products aim to improve diagnostic precision through thorough history gathering and AI-assisted diagnosis by training our data.

Why YourDoctor


YourDoctor provides a common platform for patients, care takers and medical experts, from around the globe, to seek and provide information. We are committed to address medical uncertainties of patients suffering from rare, complicated or chronic ailments.

YourDoctor team follows a patient-centric process wherein we ensure that people who use our platform have access to the best global medical experts and community of people suffering from similar ailments. We are HIPAA compliant to safeguard your medical information and treat it with utmost confidentiality.

YourDoctor Process

Interactive patient quiz interview and history collection with the help of Artificial Intelligence based Models and Tools.

Bringing verified, trusted and co-located trusted physicians on-board

Features / Offering

In order to connect the patients with international medical specialists that we select after great consideration, we use a patented competency mapping technology.

We assist our patients in establishing treatment objectives so they may be sure that their care is comprehensive and efficient. The treatment strategy is described with the possibility of shared decision-making between patients and medical professionals. We offer follow-up care to enable comprehensive patient treatment, early relapse detection, and identification of any negative effects from medication. the patients' various points of contact We give them access to an online support group. Multipoint HD Video conferencing is possible. We offer the ability to chat with medical professionals and other patients. a monthly newsletter that provides information on new research and updates on specific ailments.